Sci-Fi Fantasy with Extra-Terrestrials and UFO’s

Dominion is a science fiction fantasy film which involves encounters with aliens from another planet. The film is about human relations with extra-terrestrial elements and Jaelen is one such onlooker from other planet who is keen to search the human woman he loved in order to save human race from extinction that is upon them in next five days. The story has many twists and turns as he encounters Robert Casey, who is a retired US intelligence agent now an UFO investigator. index

A group of aliens are bent upon relieving this planet Earth of all her mankind and Jaelen wants to save his lady love. Whether he succeeds in his endeavor or whether the aliens manage to destroy the Earth will only be known when you come to the theatres to see this film in its entirety. Unless and until you involve yourself fully into the film, you will not know what Dominion has in hoard for you. Reference is made to the scientific wonders such as the Phoenix Light incident among others.

The aliens believe that the human role in this universe is absolutely inconsequential and that humans do not deserve to live another day on this planet. This is a conflict between two extra-terrestrial elements on human soil. Who will win? Will passion and love score over terror? Watch the movie and know for yourself.

The dialogues between Jaelen and Robert Casey are well written and the emotional quotient exhibited by Jaelen towards his lady love has been expertly captured on screen. Rabert Casey plays his part to perfection as an ideal foil to Jaelen in his fight against the extra-terrestrials out to destroy Earth. High quality camera work is also one of the highlights of this science fiction romantic fantasy. To divulge the ending would not be proper as you would love the suspense.

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